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Orlando…Healing Together Starts by Grieving Together.

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Healing Together Starts by Grieving Together.

Yesterday, I was in line at my favorite BBQ place on my way to church when I saw the news. 50 people dead in the largest mass shooting in American history. My day and in someways, my life will never be the same.

My heart is broken as a city grieves. Afterward, talking with people and reading the news, people quickly wanted to turn attention to the topics of gun control, politics, radical Islam, or the gay, lesbian, transgender community.

When Politics becomes a religion or idol, it seems to infest everything and people want to quickly blame, categorize and move on. Politics makes us feel better and shifts responsibility away from us. I pray as a nation, we can feel this one and come together for those in need. Let’s not be so quick this time.

All of the above issues are important, but not as important as we think. This week, let’s grieve for the people, for the community of Orlando and all the families those who were affected. We should pray for those still in need of healing and unleash generosity on those in need of blood, counseling and donations. Let’s not be too quick to move our focus away from the faces, the stories, and the sorrow.

Today, some of the names are starting to come out as we see the faces of the victims, the families and come to the grips with the reality of this tragedy. Any life cut short, has a domino affect and this one will rattle Orlando and this entire nation.

We grieve with those who are grieving and our most important gift is to love and help each other. There are issues to discuss but they fall tremendously short of the importance of us coming together and realizing that none of these issues will comfort the families and friends who has their word ripped apart.

If we let this moment be another issue that divide us. hate wins. Let our response be greater that that, let our response be to love our neighbor, to send whatever is needed to Orlando and then to reach out to a neighbor where ever you are and let them know you are for them, no matter how different you are. If you don’t know where t start, try, “How can I help?”

We grieve together, we live together, we pray together and if we are willing to really love each other, we win as we step out of the darkness and toward the light together. Love is way more powerful and I know it can sound naïve but when applied, Love Wins every time, we just need to take some time to show it.

Pray: Pray for physical healing for victims, Pray for healing for families, Pray for peace and Pray for communities coming together.

Give: For those who want to donate to help victims.. Click https://www.gofundme.com/PulseVictimsFund