Forgive… That’s Crazy

There are times when we are asked to do something crazy by our friends. They may ask us to jump in the river from a cliff, eat something, smell this, just try it. I do not recommend always following your friends in this arena.

Then there are times when God asks us to do something crazy. I would always recommend this one but it may even feel harder then eating the spicy wind your friend just dared you to eat.

Many times, we shy away saying that God would never ask me to do something so foolish or crazy.

I don’t know about that. God seems to have a history of asking people step out on the crazy train

Just look at some of the examples:

  • Joshua takes Jericho, not though Military might but because He marched around it for a week and the walls fell down
  • Jesus tells Peter to pay the taxes, not with money Jesus gives him but with the money out of a fish’s mouth.
  • Elijah is fed during the drought by a bird making daily deliveries
  • And , Jesus heals a man by asking the man to dunk himself in a lake seven times

God does not seem to concern himself in the direct rout. There were much quicker ways to get each of these done. God doesn’t care about quick, he cares about our response when asked to do something crazy. He cares about our faith.

I state the above because, while he may never ask us to march around a city, He does ask us to do something just as crazy.

He asks us to Forgive…. Everyone.

Don’t believe me….Here are some of the crazy things He asked of us:

  • Forgive anyone who offends you.
  • Love your enemy.
  • Turn your cheek after they just Smacked you.
  • Give your coat when only your hat is needed.
  • Walk a couple miles for someone when only one is required
  • Give them the fire from your house
  • Ask for Forgiveness from them before you ask it of God
  • Repay insults with a blessing
  • Always speak the best of them, no matter what

As a child of divorced parents, I know what it is to be offended, disappointed. I also know what it is to carry around unforgiveness toward my biological father. Even though, God had brought me an incredible dad and hero who raised me from a boy to a man, I still carried a chip on my shoulder that I didn’t even know was there about being abandoned and hurt. I had built a wall around me. Then came the day God told me that it was time for that wall to come down. It would only come down when I forgave my father enough to ask forgiveness from him for giving up on him

Just like Joshua marching around Jericho, it was going to take courage. I totally protested and asked Jesus in prayer how I was going to do it and if He know how hard it was.

He reminded me who He in no uncertain terms:

  • I forgave you and Forgive you even while you are asking me this question.
  • I have grace for those who would nail me to the Cross.
  • I am your all-sufficient Savior.
  • I reach for those no one else would touch.
  • I turn around for the one everyone would ignore.
  • I forgive the unforgiven.
  • I feed the hungry.
  • I leaves the crowd to find the lonely.
  • I heal the sick.
  • I erase what you would hold onto Forever.
  • I remembers the forgotten.
  • I bring hope to the hopeless.
  • I holds the contagious.
  • I came down from my throne for many who will never know me.
  • I died for people who will reject me.
  • I gave ALL for people who will ask for more.
  • I remember those who have long forgotten me.
  • I wait for the busy.
  • I find the lost.
  • I call home the sons and daughters who ran away.
  • I build a kingdom for those who would rather live in the street.
  • And I make the unforgivable forgivable.

By showing me who He was, how He forgave me and what He sacrificed for me, he gave me the strength to forgive and build a bridge to my biological father. He restored a family and filled a hole in me that I didn’t even know I had.

God works to transform our lives by loving us enough to do the crazy for us before He asks us to do the crazy for anyone else.

His desire is that we forgive before it even happens. That our lives will lead us close to Him ; to look more like Jesus.

That means:

  • We will have to honor our parents when they are not acting with honor.
  • We will have to love our wives when they are not acting loveable.
  • We will have respect our husbands when they are not acting respectable.
  • We will have to stand with those we would most like to run away from.
  • We have to obey our bosses.
  • We have to pray for our government leaders.
  • We have to take care of our employees.
  • We need to serve those when it looks ridiculous.
  • We serve those who “should” be serving us.
  • We will have to speak the best about people when they have done the worst.

And We Forgive… Because we are completely forgiven.

Now… That is the kind of crazy love that will change the world.


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