Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love are the Best Weed-Killers I Know

Whatever you water and feed will grow.

It is true for our yard, true for our kids and true for our lives.

When you provide the right nutrients to a yard, it will flourish. If you want greener grass, you need water and fertilizer. Living in Texas, I have a new appreciation of how important both elements are to making this work.

Many people will use the term invest instead of water but the idea is the same. My bank account will grow when I invest money. Another person’s bank account grows if I invest in buying their stuff.

So, the principle is simple and now the key questions is if you don’t What are you watering?

If you are positively watering or investing in people, your marriage, your kids, your job, your business, you will see them grow. If you are showering people with love and service, you will see relationships strengthen.

Maybe you are deciding to water your talents and you are going back to school. If you want to see growth in areas of your life you need to pour water on those areas.

You want to grow your faith, take a couple of steps beyond where you are comfortable and you will feed your faith.

As a leader, investing in your people is the #1 way to make sure your organization keeps growing and producing abundantly.

While these are positive examples, the same is true for weeds. If you feed and water weeds, they will also grow. In fact, they will grow faster and choke out everything else around it.

Weeds, like resentment, addictions, being offended and anger when fed will crowd out and eventually kill everything growing and eventually, you just have a yard of weeds.

So, how do we start feeding the grass that kill the weeds? Stop feeding them and they will eventually shrivel and die. Grab them and rip them out by the root and they are gone forever.

Forgive people and let resentment die… Be truly grateful for what you have and let greed die… Love those around you and let your life flourish.

Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love are the best weed-killers I know.

If you take a look at your life, what are you feeding?

The Bible says that our words come from the abundance of our heart. So, a place to start is to look at the words you are speaking as they are indicators of what we truly believe and what you are currently feeding. Let’s build lush gardens in our lives. That was God’s intention from the very beginning.

Let’s get better each day.


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