Get off the TIme Management Treadmill… Prioritize

When you talk to enough people, you begin to see Crazy might just be Contagious.

I searched on-line and I could find a ton of resources describing Time Management tips but I could not find who actually originally coined the term. I am sure someone out there will educate me.

Over the years, I have had the privilege interviewing hundreds of successful business people and I am shocked how often the phrase, “I need to get better at managing my time.” comes up in their top 2 areas they want to improve.

The reason they never really see any improvement in this area is that learning time management is like treating only the symptoms and ignoring the actual disease.Imagine having an enormous rash and only treating the itch, the pain and the discomfort.The best you could hope for moments of comfort in between anguish.


That would be silly and you would probably punch any Doctor in the face that would prescribe this treatment. We need to treat the rash.

This is the problem of Time Management.Time Management is the art of organizing your day and your stuff more effectively.Well, if your day is full of crud, who really cares how it is managed?For some reason we keep buying resources that help us treat the symptoms and we never deal with the real disease.

So how did we come to accept that this is something we should strive to improve?

So, you ask, what is the real disease?It is that we are not prioritizing our lives.We are just mindlessly organizing everything to fit it in like everything is equal.This leaves us strung-out, busy (you know I hate that word), and with a built in excuse to not get to the hard things. We will always do the easy or fun things first.Unless I am the only one.

Prioritizing is learning what stuff to keep and what stuff to throw out.

There is a saying that if everything is important, than nothing is. (Patrick Lencioni)

Don’t role your eyes.This is not about making every moment productive and becoming human robots.I actually think we will have a much greater impact if we prioritize a couple things and then guard out priorities and our time ruthlessly.If your family or your marriage is a top priority for you then you need to create time to invest there.

We need to become much less busy and much more impactful with our time.Time is the only truly limited resource.You can’t get it back when it is gone.How do you want to spend yours?Prioritizing creates capacity and capacity allows us to dream,to smell the roses and make the moments that make life worth living.

There are some significant benefits to setting Priorities that will never be reached by simply managing your time better.

  1. You are bringing purpose to your life.You are choosing what your life will be about.
  1. Gives us a Road-map to say “Yes and No.”Successful people will tell you that it the ability to say No that makes them successful.No more just throwing jun on the pile.
  1. We allow others to support is and bring even more momentum to your life.People will understand why you are making the choices you are.

When we actively choose and communicate our priorities (both at work and at home) than we can align our time and others can support our progress.If you don’t know where you are going than no one can help you get there.

So where do we start?

Here are some simple steps.They are not easy but they are simple.

Before you start…. This is VITAL!!!Clear the Deck – Start with nothing, a blank slate, and then make choices to add things to your life.


  1. Write down all of your Personal and Business priorities.
  2. Actually Prioritize them
  3. You will have to create a subset for Business and prioritize activities at work by what actually is the most productive in reaching your goals.
  4. Write down all your current activities on a weekly basis.
  5. Determine Baseline Activities (Routine activities, Shopping, paying bills, etc.)
  6. Match activities to priorities.
  7. Decide what to keep, what to kill.Activities are either helpful or not helpful.Nothing is neutral except baseline activities.

Be Ruthless with this.It is your life.Make the most of it.Let’s stop wasting time on things that don’t really matter to us.

The life you were meant for is just waiting for you to choose it.

Can’t wait to hear your story.






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