High-Heel Impact… Simple

Did you know that a 120 pound woman in high heel delivers more pressure per square inch impact than a barefooted 6000 pound elephant?

I shouldn’t have to say this but please do not relay this directly to your friend or spouse while they happen to be wearing high heals or you may find yourself on the wrong side of them testing this on your foot.

What if you could have the influence you really wanted in your Community, in Business, in your Family?  What if you could accomplish more by doing less?  Sound Crazy?

All leaders desire to have a great impact.  This is what motivates them to step up into leadership and what draws people to follow them.  Otherwise, they are just out for a walk.

This is something that comes from inside them.  After all, leadership is about taking people on a journey.  If people aren’t trying to get anywhere or aren’t trying to do something, the importance of leadership is greatly diminished.  You don’t need a leader to go nowhere.

Some of the most important responsibilities of a leader are to set, communicate and reinforce the vision.  Vision is a word that really means a description of a place or circumstance better than the current one.   This more simple the vision, the easier and more effective this job is.  As Steve Jobs put it “Simple is harder than complex.”

When a leader is focused, the organization can be focused and can build real momentum.  (Momentum for me is defined as people heading in the same direction)  It is no guarantee the organization will build momentum but the more focused a team is, the better chance they have.

I can promise if the leader does not protect the vision and allow it to get complex, organization will never gain real momentum. No one else will protect your vision.  This is the leader’s #1 job and You can’t go two directions at the same time.  Make Sense?

When vision gets too wide, it loses it meaning, and its ability to define what we are and what we are not. 

Vision must burn hot, be clear and be reinforced over and over in words and in action.  Things get added over time because we worry we are too simple, see a shiny new object or we hear another vision and it has all the cool buzz-words.  Let’s be honest.  These additions send us down rabbit holes, burn out our people and kill momentum.

The truth is your organization, career, family, community exist for a unique purpose and when you water down the vision, you lose your differentiation and turn your-self from something memorable to something forgettable.

The more clear your vision, the less you will chase time-wasters and money-wasters.  

Many of us try and be elephants where we can be everything to everyone when actually it is the impact  of the high heals that will leave permanent indents on the floor. 

We need to get more focused to put ourselves in position for incredible growth.  Say yes to what propels you closer to your vision and no to those that do not.

Can you communicate your vision easily? 

Do you use this to define what you do and don’t do? 

How do you protect it?


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