Hi, I’m a Phonoholic… (5 Steps to Put Living Back Into Your Life)

David Bryne once asked the question that seems more relevant every day,

“How Did I get Here?”

I ask this one all the time. and find myself wondering more and more how we are where we are. To start, let’s just all agree that people are crazy. Me, you, them, we are all a little nuts.

Further more, we are living in a crazy time. We have never been more plugged in and there are some incredibly cool outcomes of that. My wife just left for a trip to London and I can get a play by play of her adventure. How cool is that?

People can plug in at anytime and in any place. Therein lies the problem. The technology is fine, it is us who developed have some significant problem. We are incredibly plugged in but in many ways less connected than we ever have been.

ImageOur culture is becoming addicted to a new drug and in many ways, it is far more disruptive and far more pervasive than many of the drug and alcohol additions that we have come to know.

We are becoming hooked on adrenaline. I am not talking about the “junkies” who base-jump, take huge risks, or whatever new crazy thing they can post on YouTube.

I am talking about:

  • The executive that can’t leave his phone for 5 minutes, sleeps with it by the bed and is ready to engage at a moments notice.
  • The parent that is constantly texting, checking statuses and updating photos online
  • The teenager who have lived with 5000 texts a month being their normal for the last 5 year. Don’t kid yourself, there is nothing normal about this.

What’s the REAL problem you may ask? Every time you react to your phone, you get a shot of adrenaline. Over time you get used to the heightened levels and WE NEVER RELAX.

There are serious long-term health implications for your body . We are literally killing ourselves to stay up to date. I used to think people just needed to be busy.

I now think the addictive nature of adrenaline now plays a significant role in our need to be on top of everything. Let’s be honest, we really don’t need to be engaged in most of the stuff that amps us up.  Think about it, we actually have to tell people not to text and drive.  That’s how addicting it is…  It is an addiction.

In the Short-term, we are loosing or creativity and our ability to think. It is impossible to relax, solve problems and unleash your creativity when the longest you set your phone down is 30 seconds.

So, we are killing ourselves and we are becoming incredibly uncreative. So, what do we do?

Here is my Suggestion.

ImageSTOP IT!!!


Hope that was helpful. Wish it was that simple.


Well, Here are 5 things that may be of more help for those who you who are clinging to :

  1. Put the phone in the drawer when you get home. This will give you a chance to engage your spouse, kids, dogs. These times are vital for your health. Don’t miss the Important things because of Imagined Urgency.
  2. Get the Phone out of your bedroom!!! Seriously… You should not be snuggling with your phone… “Nuff said.
  3. Get the phone out of your meal-time. Focus on those around you. Personal connections will replenish you. Your phone will not
  4. Get your phone out of your meetings. Focus on what you are doing.
  5. Block out “Phone-Free Time” during the day. You have to have time to think with no e-mail, phone. Take this time in the morning and get things actually done.

Your life was not meant to be restricted to an electronic device and you were not meant to live on-line. You are meant for so much more. Start living the life you were meant to have… Unplugged by more connected than ever.

There is no real Impact without Contact. Clear some capacity to affect real people. Not that will save lives.




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